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Author: Dennas Davis

38. Party Bus! – KidsART A

May 22 – 26 • Overview: For our final lesson of Year A, we’ll be making and decorating a big box party bus! It’s great fun and students learn to work together. Then everyone gets to redesign their school bus, and invent a mobile house bus for the summer.

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37. Repeat & Focus – Foundations A

May 15 – 19 • Overview: After a warmup of drawing vegetables from life, students will work together to compose a photo. The teacher prints the photo, which has no obvious focal point. Students will see a video profiling Andy Warhol and learning about emphasis and repetition as design components. They’ll draw and paint the veggies using one in an accent color to emphasize it, creating a Most Important Spot.

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37. Still Life Slide – KidsART A

May 15 – 19 • Overview: Students draw 3 still life objects and color them with oil pastels. They’re cut out and the children have fun sliding them up, down, right and left until they find a good spot for each of them, one at a time. All are glued into place for a nice still life artwork. Then the objects are turned into silly cartoons and colored with markers for a fun finish to the lesson.

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35. Color & Three-D Art – Foundations A

May 1 – 5 • Overview: Continuing last week, where they began 2 projects, students will first add watercolor to their expressive animal ink drawings. Then they continue with corrugated cardboard to build their interlocking panel sculptures. Today they’ll finish building the sculpture, and then they’ll prime with gesso. Next week is finishing and painting the surface.

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