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Category: ART talk

Hey everybody! Here’s the Emojibet

Last night I downloaded all the latest Apple system updates, and one of the cool new things included is a bunch of new emoji’s. I quickly put together an entire list of the alphabet-like new emojis. It’s fun and easy to create cool messages using the emojibet. I’ve compiled the whole thing for you to copy and paste so you can have fun too. Unfortunately, The blog software I use here (WordPress), won’t display most of the standard emojis in a post so I cannot provide the Emojibet here. Have no fear! You can head over to our MEDIUM blog where the full Emojibet is...

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Perspective drawing is on the wrong side of your brain

Here is an excerpt from this week’s lessons for grades 3 – 12 P R E F A C E This week we’re teaching how to draw one of the most basic shapes, the cube. However, this is really about perspective, and seeing past the preconceptions our brains put in our way and that prevent accuracy. While the system of artist’s perspective is a great tool, it is very complex, and uses the analytical, non-creative part of the brain. It is extremely difficult for artists to truly understand perspective drawing. Why is that? I believe it’s because it is nearly impossible...

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Never rewrite a lesson plan again. Read ours once, print your PDFs, and use our easy SCROLL & TEACH lesson plan right on your phone (or other device).

We’ve even included a SUBMIT YOUR SUMMARY text. Just copy & paste and you can send to your principal. It’s an abbreviated lesson plan, with standards and learning targets.


Look for the READY, SET, GO! section at the bottom of each page. There’s background info, lists, and a printable Prep Page so you don’t have to write down a thing.