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Category: Extras

Shoeboxes and a Safari

Hey teachers, send out an email to ask all of your students and parents to bring in lots of shoeboxes and any other boxes about that size, along with paper towel roll holders. We use these in a week to begin making our Box Animal Safari.

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Clay Mouth Video DEMO

Slideshows and videos are in many of our lessons, but we also publish each one separately so you can find them without wandering through old posts aimlessly. Just enter text into the “search the site” field over to the right, for something you remember. It can be something that was in the photos or written in the text. Description Here’s a 12 minute demonstration for sculpting a mouth from modeling clay.  V I D E O Clay Mouth DEMO • Tap to open - Scroll to view - Pinch to...

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Get a bunch of modeling clay soon!

Hey there ArtSquish educators! Get ready for your upcoming lessons by finding some modeling clay. Every student will need clay to work with. We will be working on facial anatomy. EYES NOSES MOUTHS Each of these is a separate lesson, and each of them uses non-hardening modeling clay. There are a couple of options for clays. Here’s everything you need to know. Modeling Clay Modeling clay never hardens, because it’s oil-based. You can get play clay pretty cheap at big box stores when you’re in a time crunch, but you can get better products from art stores or online. The higher...

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Never rewrite a lesson plan again. Read ours once, print your PDFs, and use our easy SCROLL & TEACH lesson plan right on your phone (or other device).

We’ve even included a SUBMIT YOUR SUMMARY text. Just copy & paste and you can send to your principal. It’s an abbreviated lesson plan, with standards and learning targets.


Look for the READY, SET, GO! section at the bottom of each page. There’s background info, lists, and a printable Prep Page so you don’t have to write down a thing.