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Shoeboxes and a Safari

Hey teachers, send out an email to ask all of your students and parents to bring in lots of shoeboxes and any other boxes about that size, along with paper towel roll holders. We use these in a week to begin making our Box Animal Safari.

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Animal Shadows Free Lesson

Students learn about the basic position of shadows and how to see them better, using familiar round shapes as an example. Then they’ll apply this information to a pencil drawing of an animal from photos with clear shadows. They’ll cover the drawing with watercolors for an easy mixed media effect.

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Why I like ugly colors – the ArtSquish Palette

It’s true. I like horrible colors. Sometimes beginning artists at our school, Firstlight, wonder why we use colors that are so intense that you can’t really paint with them. Our purple is so dark it looks black. The yellow is too acidic. The green is hideous. I have an explanation, though, and it begins with breakfast. I like to make breakfast from scratch. My kids grew up eating biscuits, pancakes, or French toast on the weekends. We could, however, just pop a frozen waffle in the toaster though. It’s a choice. You can use ingredients, like flour, eggs, oil, cinnamon & baking...

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Never rewrite a lesson plan again. Read ours once, print your PDFs, and use our easy SCROLL & TEACH lesson plan right on your phone (or other device).

We’ve even included a SUBMIT YOUR SUMMARY text. Just copy & paste and you can send to your principal. It’s an abbreviated lesson plan, with standards and learning targets.


Look for the READY, SET, GO! section at the bottom of each page. There’s background info, lists, and a printable Prep Page so you don’t have to write down a thing.