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Category: Classroom Tips & Tricks

Saving Acrylics on your palette

Use science to keep your water-based paints fresh for weeks and more. There you are, putting down your phone after being told you’re needed somewhere. You look down at your palette and the huge gobs of paints you’ve put out and mixed up. Plans change – you’re used to that – but what’s the best way to save all that paint? Some people use those big plastic palettes with a sponge in it, and a lid. You almost bought one recently… but regrets won’t save these paints today. You don’t need a fancy palette. They work because they take...

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Never rewrite a lesson plan again. Read ours once, print your PDFs, and use our easy SCROLL & TEACH lesson plan right on your phone (or other device).

We’ve even included a SUBMIT YOUR SUMMARY text. Just copy & paste and you can send to your principal. It’s an abbreviated lesson plan, with standards and learning targets.


Look for the READY, SET, GO! section at the bottom of each page. There’s background info, lists, and a printable Prep Page so you don’t have to write down a thing.