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SLIDESHOW : watercolor point of a lifetime

SLIDESHOW : watercolor point of a lifetime
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A R T S Q U I S H exclusive concept

After years of teaching, Dennas finally found one simple instruction that instantly helps students “get it”. They will bypass most of the frustration that people have in learning to work with watercolors. (This is for all dry paper techniques.)

The brush should not touch the paper. 

This is now our most important point with watercolors; the point of a lifetime! If you know watercolor, you understand that the brush can actually touch the paper, but this instruction is amazing because it changes people’s initial approach to the medium. It helps students make the paradigm shift from regular painting techniques. This shift usually involves tons of frustration and practice, and often causes people to abandon watercolors altogether.

Old School: “Artists either hate watercolors or they love it…
but most hate it.”

ArtSquish: “My students live for watercolor!”

Starting out with the idea of “not touching the brush to the paper”, instantly solves the 3 most difficult aspects of learning watercolor technique: 1) a very light touch 2) keeping enough paint on the paper, and 3) understanding that you must leave the watercolor alone as it settles and dries.

 S L I D E S H O W

Point of a Lifetime • Tap to open - Scroll to view - Pinch to zoom




About The Author

Dennas Davis

Dennas is the founder of Firstlight Arts Academy in Nashville, and also of The Art Instructor (formerly ArtSquish). He has been designing, painting, illustrating and teaching in various combinations since he learned how to hold a crayon. He is the illustrator of 24 children’s books with over 5 million in print worldwide.
See his paintings at

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