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Lessons > Grades 1 & 2


Sample KidsART Lesson

MONTH • WEEK • This is a real lesson that you can use for free to check out the Art Instructor. Students learn how the concept of harmony applies to visual art just like music. A flower is drawn from reference and painted as a spectrum in watercolor for color-wheel flowers. The arrangement of the colors is used to show harmony, along with some games of harmony color designs.

Lessons > Grades 3 - 5


Sample Foundations Lesson

MONTH • WEEK • This is a real lesson that you can use for free to check out the Art Instructor. Students will learn how to push their ideas and think creatively. Several exercises are used, along with dialog, to understand how to get outside the normal boundaries and use their imaginations along with their pencils. After idea thumbnails and sketches, an acrylic painting is begun.

Lessons > Grades 6 - 12


10. Many Minis – Foundations A +

Oct 8 - 12 • Students will work on a series of very small works each using different combinations of media. There is opportunity for lots of freedom and self-expression, and artists learn to focus on one work at a time while doing many. The small size and having several works in a row, takes the pressure off of each work, so students really enjoy themselves and create some fantastic work as a result.

Pocket Pointers are short lessons you need to access on the fly, whenever a student is struggling with a specific problem not addressed in the current lesson. Read a Pointer every few days, and before long you'll be able to personalize your instruction to individual students without even thinking about it. Tap the lightbulb to access all the Pocket Pointers.

The Art Instructor founder, Dennas, is a featured guest writer this month on Lori McNee's Fine Art Tips Blog. Tap this bar to open in a new window.

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