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Quit doing that

Introduction I first titled this article “Learners vs. Keepers” and expected to write about how...

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What happens when students doodle while you’re talking? Science and experience says it’s all good!

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Previews of Articles

These posts are real articles and give you a preview of what you’ll get when you sign up as a member of The Art Instructor.

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Never reconstruct a lesson plan again. Read it over, prep your room with our checklist, and use our easy SCROLL & TEACH lesson plan right on your phone, tablet, or computer.

We’ve even included an outline, ready to send to your administrators. It’s an abbreviated lesson plan, with Standards and Learning Targets in a doc file. It’s also in text that you can just copy and paste.

Learn more about our revolutionary CONN3CTED curriculum by clicking the 3-legged stool below.



Look for the READY, SET, GO! section at the bottom of each page. There’s background info, lists, and a printable Prep Page so you don’t have to write down a thing.