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Architectural Watercolor 1

February 4 – 8 • Students will enjoy an easy drawing of architecture shapes that don’t involve perspective, from photo reference. A review or intro to watercolor techniques is next, and then they spend the rest of the lesson painting.

Architectural Watercolor Continued

February 11 – 15 • Watercolor paintings are finished. Early finishers draw expressive faces from reference.

The Beautiful Eye

February 18 – 22 • Students begin by drawing an eye from memory and end by drawing an eye after learning so they see the big changes. In between, they build an eye from modeling clay and draw the model. After a demo, they use photos to draw a detailed eye study.

The Odd Nose

February 25 – March 1 • This is the second of our 3 face-parts in clay. Students follow the same outline as the eye lesson. The emphasis on the nose lesson is that the nose should not be emphasized.

The Curved Mouth

March 4 – 8 • Again we follow the eye lesson by modeling the structure and some muscles in clay. With the mouth, one of the most important things is to know how it curves, as opposed to being a flat object.

Self Portrait Drawing / Salt dough faces (grades 3-5)

March 11 – 15 • Older students use pencil and mirrors to draw a self portrait. Younger students make a salt dough fun face and do pastel portraits.

Color Journal – Flesh Tones / Also paint salt dough (g 3-5)

March 18 – 22 • 

Fun & Freaky Art Games

March 25 – 29 • 

Expressive Portraits

April 1 – 5 • Students paint portraits in acrylics over an orange underpainted canvas. These do not need to be self portraits. Photo reference and also painted portraits 

Finish Portraits

April 8 – 12 • 

Artists’ Choice Drawings

April 15 – 19 • Graphite, charcoal, ink, or ink marker. Subjects are diverse.

Expressive Animals

April 22 – 26 • 

The Most Important Spot

April 29 – May 3 • 

Minimal Abstract

May 6 – 10 • 

Simple Perspective

May 13 – 17 • 

Artists’ Choice & Party

May 20 – 24 • 

Abstract Expressionism

Extra week 1 • 

Paper Sculpture

Extra week 1 • 

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