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Author: Dennas Davis

21. Bird Day – KidsART B

Jan 15 – 19 • Using some simple big shapes and line, artists will draw and paint a bird. There is a background done with streaked colors and then the bird is drawn, glued to the background, and painted to match. During part of the lesson, we discuss and learn about different viewpoints, showing a bird’s eye viewpoint, of course!

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Outsmarting the Genie

Dennas explains how making a nice-looking piece of art is not always the best goal when training art students. Using one of our lessons, he demonstrates how it engages students and prepares them for a lifetime of creating, instead of forgetting how they did that one work in class.

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14. Little Patches Watercolors – Foundations B+

NOV 6 – 10 • Students will work for two weeks to create a square-shaped watercolor painting that is divided into a grid design. Each smaller area in the grid (rectangles and squares), becomes a tiny little painting, drawn and painted in watercolors. This will employ the small glaze technique, and makes it easy since there are no large areas to worry about. Each painting is made from patches: several patches of smaller paintings, and those paintings are smaller patches of color.

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